If you need a specific ground vehicle exploded, just send us a scale model (1:24 or larger preferred; the bigger it is, the better it will look) and we'll blow it up on camera and send you the resulting footage for free. WITH the following caveats:

1. We get to keep and offer the footage ourselves, in case anyone else needs a similar effect

2. What you send is what we blow. If it needs building or special paint, you do that first. Don't ask us to assemble kits. We only have one camera, so if you want multiple takes or multiple angles, we'll need multiple scale models

3. We'll do it as soon as we can, but we won't guarantee a schedule

4. We will do our best to match any angles or reference you specify, but ultimately, you get what you get. We don't guarantee it will be what you want. We're not getting paid, so you don't get to ask for retakes (even if such were possible) nor demand that we compensate you for the item destroyed if the footage is not what you anticipated.

That said, for the price of some die-cast models and some shipping, you might get something pretty cool. We'll even pre-key it if you want us to. If this interests you, contact us with a link to the specific scale model you are wanting to have blown up and we'll tell you where to send it. You will be responsible for buying the models and having them shipped to us.