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MOVIE:  Click on image to see Avery Movitz test a tablespoon fireball.  This was taken by Angus with his pocket digital camera in movie mode.

MOVIE: Nick Battaglia tests the prop bazooka.  Just an Estes rocket launcher turned sideways, but cool nonetheless!



This toy helicopter looked good, but the blades and tail rotor were not designed to turn. It required being taken apart...

And a cheap fan was scrapped to obtain the motor.

A leftover toy tank motor from the previous production was used for the tail rotor.

The chopper with the fan motor installed.

The fake missile pods on the chopper were rebuilt from brass tubes (just big enough for a standard bottle rocket) and some PVC pipe.

Painted and mounted, they are ready for action!

The toy howitzers ordered by mail turned out to be too big to mount on the chopper. No matter -- we'll find a use for 'em.

New special effects need testing. Angus and Josh prepare to test a "tablespoon fireball"

Gammagun Mark II. The original Airsoft toy gun (left) was cool but too realistic and lacking in high-tech touches. By adding scrap metal, PVC pipe, a laser pointer and some paint, it was transformed into a Gammagun Mark II (right.)

Agent 12's new Gammaguns completed. Power lights and laser sights included.

The Guns of Vengeance. These Airsoft pistols were already pretty hi-tech looking.

The Guns of Vengeance Continued. A couple LEDs, some laser sights, and we're there.

Yeah, it's a toy. Looks real, though. Too real. This one is gonna take some work.

Customized Stixgun. Still cool, but more high-tech and less realistic.

The Agent 12 Jetpack. A Shook Designs Speedpac backpack and some scrap metal parts.

Angus tests the jetpack ingition system.

We had hoped to just repaint the Nerf machine guns for the Sluggi Freelance character, but they would only rotate once, even when fully pumped. They had to be motorized.

Angus and Yakov strip the Nerf guns down to their component parts.

These were combined with inexpensive portable drills and repainted

To form motorized mini-chainguns